NOTEWORTHY CASES | matthew g pruden

2016 |
United States v. N.R.

Matthew Pruden successfully overturned the conviction of his client whose original trial lawyer slept during portions of his trial. In a case presenting an issue of first impression, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held “that a defendant is deprived of his Sixth Amendment right to counsel when counsel sleeps during a substantial portion of the defendant’s trial.” The court vacated N.R.’s conviction and sentence, which had been 360 months in prison. Click here and here for media coverage about the case.

2014 |
United States v. M.M.

Matt Pruden represented a client who was seeking post-conviction relief after being sentenced to life in prison in 1998 for a federal drug conspiracy conviction. Mr. Pruden convinced the government to file a Rule 35 motion to reduce his client’s sentence. The government sought to reduce the sentence from life to 30 years. Following a contested re-sentencing hearing, however, the court reduced the client’s sentence to time-served and he was ordered to be released from federal prison.

2012 |
United States v. R.M.

Matt Pruden represented a client charged in a federal indictment alleging conspiracy to commit fraud and counterfeiting. After negotiations with the government, the client was allowed to enter into a pretrial diversion program and the case was dismissed.

2011 |
United States v. J.W.

Matthew Pruden and Noell Tin represented a doctor during a multi-year investigation by the federal government into potential charges of Medicaid fraud. After the firm demonstrated that its client lacked criminal intent with respect to any unauthorized charges made by his office staff, the government declined to criminally prosecute.

2010 |
State v. C.H.

Matt Pruden represented a client charged with possessing crack cocaine. Because of his prior convictions, the client faced a significantly enhanced sentence as an habitual felon. Mr. Pruden moved to suppress the evidence that would be used at trial, arguing that law enforcement conducted an illegal stop and search. The trial court granted the motion to suppress, and the case was dismissed.

2010 |
State v. T.B.

Matthew Pruden secured an acquittal at trial of his client, a public school employee, against a charge of criminal neglect of a disabled student.

2009 |
United States v. D.D.

Noell Tin and Matt Pruden represented a defendant convicted of federal firearms offenses. Over the government’s objection, they successfully argued that several of the felony convictions should be reduced to misdemeanor convictions. The court then reduced all but one conviction to misdemeanors. The government asked the court to sentence the defendant to 57 months in prison on the remaining felony conviction. After a contested sentencing hearing, the court sentenced the defendant to one year of probation.

2009 |
State v. C.G.

Matthew Pruden secured an acquittal of his client, a public school employee, against a charge of sexual battery of a student.

2005 |
State v. S.B.

Noell Tin and Matthew Pruden represented a client charged with first-degree murder. After conducting an intensive investigation, Pruden and Tin demonstrated weaknesses in the State’s case, and S.B. pled guilty to aiding and abetting assault inflicting serious injury. He received a probationary sentence.