Should I stay for the children in an unhappy marriage?

Parent in an unhappy marriage- stay for the children?

Many parents decide to remain in an unhappy marriage thinking their children are better off with two parents under one roof- but are they really? Most people do not realize how perceptive and intuitive children are. We make the mistake of thinking that if we (the parents) are not screaming at each other right in front of the children, then the children think everything is fine. This is rarely the case; if mom and dad are not getting along, the children are usually acutely aware.

You also have to consider what example you are setting for your children of what marriage should be. If you are in a loveless marriage, chances are your children will end up in one as well. If you and your spouse are mistreating each other, what message does that send to your children?

Before you jump to the conclusion that the best choice is always for parents to stay together even if they are unhappy, consider the bigger picture. It is absolutely possible to separate and divorce and do so in such a way that minimizes the negative impact on your children while you and your spouse transition from being spouses to being co-parents.

Blog written by Courtney Smith

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