Local Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

I have come to notice a trend among victims of domestic violence; most people I meet with who are experiencing domestic violence, whether male or female, tend to minimize the seriousness of the situation. Time and time again people describe situations to me that are horrifying, but they express little or no emotion as they discuss it because they have been living it. Often, victims have not told anyone the entire truth of what they have been experiencing before speaking to me about it and when they do finally say it all out loud, they begin to see that there is a pattern and the seriousness of the situation is escalating. Hear this from me: there is no valid reason why someone you love should ever hurt or frighten you. No one should treat you that way, regardless of the context of the situation. There are resources available to help.

Article by Courtney Smith, Board Certified Specialist in Family Law

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